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Make School a Democracy

ARMENIA, Colombia — IN a one-room rural schoolhouse an hour’s drive from this city in a coffee-growing region of Colombia, 30 youngsters ages 5 to 13 are engrossed in study. In most schools, students sit in rows facing the teacher, who does most of the talking. But these students are grouped at tables, each corresponding to a grade level. The hum of conversation fills the room.

SED-Herramientas Pedagógicas para Fortalecer la Educación Rural

The Ministry of Education publishes an article on the pedagogical tools that strength rural education, the Escuela Nueva Model.

Escuela Nueva, una “nueva escuela” que viene del sur

The article, Escuela Nueva, a "New School", that Comes from the South, published by the Positive Post, discusses some key points about Fundación Escuela Nueva: its history, decentralized pedagogy, vision in the field, and the impact beyond education.

Vicky Colbert Reyes Director of Fundación Escuela Nueva

Clara Victoria Colbert Reyes, director of Fundación Escuela Nueva is an internationally known educator from Bogota because of the creation of the Escuela Nueva pedagogical model.

Escuela Activa Urbana Promotes Non-cognitive Learning

Nobel Prize winner James Heckman has noted that non-cognitive skills (i.e., social and emotional skills) are crucial in determining the success of young people, and that public education tends to ignore this fact. By Jeff Puryear, Felipe Barrera-Osorio, and Maria Cortelezzi

Where is Vicky Colbert this week? In Qatar

From November 4th to the 6th, Vicky Colbert will be assisting and presenting at the World Innovation Summit for Education, a special invitation from the Qatar Foundation. 


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