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The learning guides are a key element of the curricular component of the Escuela Nueva model. They promote individual and group work with learning activities that encourage reflection and cooperative learning through interaction, dialogue, active participation, and social construction of knowledge.

Learning guides allow for self-paced learning and encourage a spirit of investigation and autonomy in the classroom. They promote learning to learn, learning by doing, learning to communicate, and, most importantly, learning to coexist and work together. Our learning guides catalogue can be found here.

General Features of the Learning Guides:

  • Comprehensive coverage of core subject areas (language, mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences)
  • Relevant material for both urban and rural environments.
  • Activities that motivate children to learn, building off fromreal life situations and the interests and curiosity of students.
  • Promote the application of learning in daily life through many types of participation and use of resources.
  • Encourage the active participation of families and teachers throughout the learning process.
  • Ideas for practice and application in and out of the classroom that facilitate and enrich learning.
  • Support for educators in daily and long term planning.
  • Facilitate comprehensive, formative, and qualitative evaluation of student progress.


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