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Education Forum in Antioquia

On the 8th and 9th of November, FEN will participate in a forum "The Quality of Rural Education in Antioquia: An Exercise in Responsibility and its Projection in Peaceful Coexistence".

The forum has been organized to celebrate the 25th anniversary of FUNDAUNIBAN. This event has the support and participation of the Government of Antioquia and the Ministry of Education.

The objective of this forum is to "explore the contribution made by flexible models for improving the quality of education in the rural and urban context of Antioquia, through expert presentations and sharing of experiences." With emphasis on the Escuela Nueva model and the work of the FEN in Antioquia, and will review the joint project that FUNDAUNIBAN and FEN undertook in 2010. The project was a comprehensive effort improve education in areas of importance to the banana industry in Antioquia (Apartado and Turbo). Both the experience and the forum highlight the importance of public-private partnerships to building high impact method to improve the quality of education. This work stimulates construction of democracy and citizenship, as well as developing and strengthening social and business connections.


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