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Vicky Colbert comparte en La Silla Vacía

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Clara Victoria Colbert Reyes, la directora de la Fundación Escuela Nueva, es una educadora bogotana conocida internacionalmente por crear el modelo pedagógico Escuela Nueva.

Colbert, nacida en Estados Unidos, es socióloga de la Universidad Javeriana y tiene dos maestrías, una en sociología de la educación y otra en educación comparada, ambas de Stanford.

Escuela Activa Urbana Promotes Non-cognitive Learning

Nobel Prize winner James Heckman has noted that non-cognitive skills (i.e., social and emotional skills) are crucial in determining the success of young people, and that public education tends to ignore this fact. By Jeff Puryear, Felipe Barrera-Osorio, and Maria Cortelezzi

Where is Vicky Colbert this week? In Qatar

From November 4th to the 6th, Vicky Colbert will be assisting and presenting at the World Innovation Summit for Education, a special invitation from the Qatar Foundation. 

Vicky panelist at Colombia in Oxford Conference

Vicky Colbert participated as a member of the panel on Public Policy at the University of Oxford on October 29th 2014 at the “Colombia in Oxford: Innovation in Science, Public Policy and Culture”. 

Oscar Mogollón's Anniversary

In life, many people cross our path, but only a few truly mark our hearts when they get ahead of the road because their mission has been accomplish, and they begin that inevitable, unexpected journey to the unknown that awaits us all.

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