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Structuring and Developing Training Programs

We train teachers and teacher trainers and strengthen/develop training programs and learning networks.

FEN uses a variety of training strategies, combining short-term workshop-based processes with longer-term processes that provide ongoing training and followup.

Training Workshops

The workshops are consistent with the Escuela Nueva model; they promote individual, pair and small group work and the trainer is a learning facilitator, not a lecturer. 

Workshop 1: Initiation to the Escuela Nueva model

In this workshop participants identify and learn to organize a new classroom environment for active, participatory and cooperative learning.

Workshop 2: Using Learning Resources and Materials

This workshop reinforces content from the first workshop and introduces the concept of the learning guides and how to use them.

We also offer additional workshops on the use and purpose of other learning resources like the learning corners, reading and writing and effective/meaningful use of ICTs in the classroom.

Microcenters or Teacher Study Groups

They are a key strategy for continuous professional development. Study groups serve to:

  • Identify opportunities for continuous improvement of teacher practices.
  • Strengthen teachers’ capacity to reflect on teaching practices and share experiences, achievements and difficulties that occur during the teaching process.
  • Follow up on processes connected with implementing the model.
  • Share experiences, thoughts, innovative techniques and solutions.

Microcenters meet once every month or two and are organized based on content from the training workshops or at the beginning of a semester.

School Visits and Demonstration Classrooms

The process of training teachers also includes visits to observe "demonstration schools or classrooms" who have achieved a certain level of skill in implementing the Escuela Nueva model. These demonstration schools and classrooms are visual references of an adequate implementation of the model and centers for best practices.

Follow up and feedback cycles

This follow up is done by FEN staff, who observe classes and provide feedback on successes and challenges encountered while implementing the model. The advisors and the teacher work together to identify goals and opportunity areas for improvement. The frequency of follow-up visits depends on the needs of each school.

Study Missions

Study Missions are one-week events to introduce and familiarize participants with the Escuela Nueva model and visit schools in action implementing the model.

This activity is part of the first phase of our international approach intended to generate awareness, political will and understanding of successful, participatory multigrade approaches like Escuela Nueva. It is also intended to serve as an initial activity for discussing and planning a concrete pilot project on the ground and understanding its technical and policy implications.

ReNueva, the Escuela Nueva online Community

FEN developed an online platform (www.renueva.org) that provides Escuela Nueva stakeholders the opportunity to interact, share, exchange ideas and generate knowledge around the Escuela Nueva model.


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